The Ivory City

A city of great wealth and influence, it earned it’s name from the majestic towers in the center of the city that house some of the world’s most powerful mages. The city itself spans a large island and consists of seven districts.

The mages district is located in the middle of the city and is where the great mages live and work, beyond that is the noble district which is the home of the most powerful non-magical people in the city, such as captains, politicians and merchants. Past the noble district is the shopping district , where people can buy anything from magical weapons to mundane groceries.

After passing through these places, you come to the housing district, where most of the middle class civilians such as tradesmen and soldiers live, it is here that many of the taverns and brothels are located and many adventurers and, unfortunately, pirates begin their journeys. Past that is the dock district, where most of products are brought and unloaded to be sold in the shopping district. Beyond even this is the factory district, where raw materials such as ore and scrap are forged into useful equipment to be sold in either the city or one of the other trade hubs of the world. The furthest district out is the slum district, where the slaves and factory workers live, no place has more misery than this and people die daily without anyone batting an eye.

The city has a bit of something for everyone, from a slum for people to hide and take refuge, to a bustling market for people to spend and make money, to a place or mages to study and experiment with their magic. It is one of the trade centers of the world.

The Ivory City

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