In the world of Anyan, there lies endless adventure, for those willing to hunt for it. In a world where little land exists and everything is dominated by oceans, islanders survive by banding together and creating alliances. They trade resources and protect each other in the hopes of becoming great and powerful like the Ivory City of mages and Isolar. They must also survive against the evils both in and out of the water, not becoming like Greydown, the fallen city of old.

The only real threat from other civilized people are the pirates. Usually people of great power and influence, they twist the law in whatever way they can and build vast fortunes through plundering and adventure. They treat the entire law as if it is one large grey area and get away with it, few are as dangerous as a pirate.

You are one of these pirates, a hunter of riches and power through whatever means necessary, you treat the ocean as your birth right to command as you wish, but eventually everyone learns the worth of water.

The Worth of Water

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